The M.A. Beaute De La Femme Ltd (Maria Antoniou) is the exclusive distributor of the beauty products Jean D ‘Estrées in Cyprus, founded in 2016. Jean D’ Estrées was a professional stylist, who knew how to study the individuality of a woman’s features to create the ideal shades and colours to sublimate her face. He was guided by one principle: combining the efficiency of his formulas and the pleasure of a beautician’s touch. Women differ due to their culture, their specific, physical and physiological characteristics and their expectations. Jean D’ Estrées responds to that diversity by developing a professional know-how, based on exclusive treatment methods used in beauty salons and spas. These innovative formulas are created in their laboratory from the riches of the world around us, including the most appropriate active ingredients – regardless of whether their origin is marine or mineral, as well as from the traditional cosmetics industry.



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Jean D Estrées Cyprus