The Lovespell Box

The Lovespell Box

Dreamy little shop that seems to come out of a fairy-tale! Opening its door is like to open a beautiful box and suddenly various scents, images, objects, odours and beautiful words of love are “jumping out” from inside! You enter a magical world where you come across artful objects in combination with sweets and flowers, jars, individual, beautiful and unique boxes, wooden candle holders for all tastes and a variety of candles! The love of the owner Maria Konstantinidou for handmade creations at home has led her to setting up her own shop, filled up with dreamy creations for weddings and christenings, decorations for the house and various crafts made of wood. Her inspiration and craftsmanship does not stop here, because in her shop you can also replenish or maintenance your old furniture, or even to convert them to shabby chic furniture!



85A Gladstonos Street, 3230, Limassol


34.681343949459, 33.045428720146



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